New patent kickstand case for iphone 5

This new style kickstand have features as below:

1.Freely put on any platform,and convenient for one-hand touch.
2.The bracket can be put in every direction when it is open,suitale for watching video andvideo calls.
3.The bracket can be used as a hook,and very convenience for using a nagigatio when driving.

With funcitons as below
1.Protective(case for protective our mobile phone)
2.Heat dissipation(open the bracket,heat would be easily dissipationed)
3.Stand(stand any direction on platform)
4.Anti-skidding(Just need to hold the bracket,and it won't skided,good for big size screen device)
5.Vehicle-mounted(use as a hook to use in the car)

Mold for this kind of case for Samsung's is also availabled.